Admission Regulation
(subject to change in the future)

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  1. Eligible cars
  2. Crews
  3. Cars
  4. Tyres
  5. Service
  6. Reconnaissance
  7. Exclusions
  8. Classification

Eligible Cars:

The following cars are eligible:

The Organising Committee has the right to accept or refuse the applications at its sole discretion.
All cars must hold a National or FIA HTP valid in rally, racing or hill-climb and must comply with Appendix K of the International Sporting Code. Cars must be registered for road use. Test plates are not allowed.
Both members of the crew must hold a valid medical’s certificate for competitive sports.
Please note that both driver and co-driver must hold a driving licence and must be in the car at all time, except in circuit races.
Co-drivers with a navigator-only licence issued by their own motorsport authority are exempted from exhibiting the driver licence.

Safety Measures

The crews must observe the safety regulations in Appendix L of the International Sporting Code, and in particular the sections concerning helmets and fireproof clothing, which must be presented for inspection during the pre-rally technical scrutineering.
Wearing fireproof clothing is mandatory for both crew members during the special stages and circuit races. Co-drivers are exempt from wearing gloves during the special stages.

Appendices J and K of the FIA international sporting code. All cars must carry on board a hand-held fire extinguisher compliant with the requirements of FIA Appendix J.
Period J vehicles must be fitted with a seat anchoring system and seat belts homologated for use in conjunction with a head restraint system (FHR). The head restraint system (FHR) is recommended for all other crew during the special stages and circuit races if at all possible.

Only road legal tyres of the following types are admitted:

Cars are requested to race on Avon CR6ZZ both in circuit races and special stages.
For cars that cannot fit the above mentioned model, the following tyres are also accepted: Dunlop Sport Classic and Dunlop Racing R5, Pirelli Collezione Michelin Gamme Collection
Period correct road-legal tyres with treaded pattern all over the width of the following types: Avon CR6ZZ, Michelin XAS, FF, TB5, TB15, PB20, Vredestein Sprint Classic or Pirelli P7 Corsa Classic (any Compound, including WET)
Dimensions of chosen tyres must be in accordance to Appendix K of the FIA sporting code, Art. 8.4.
Please note that tyres will be checked at each special stage and circuit race.

Only registered support crews carrying the official support stickers will be allowed to enter the dedicated areas. Due to space constraints support crews must be registered within the deadline as per the entry form.
Assistance is not allowed:

Reconnaissance of the Special Stages is strictly prohibited. The location of the Special Stages will not be published until the Road Book distribution.

The competitors will always be allowed to complete the rally in case of technical problems. Exclusion can only be inflicted by the Panel of the Stewards for major breaches of the Sporting Rules.
In case of missing a Time Check or a Passage Check the competitor will be inflicted a penalty of 10 minutes. In case of missing a Special Stage or a Circuit Race, the competitor will be inflicted a penalty equal to the worst time of the stage plus 5 minutes.
In order to be admitted to the final classifications, however, the cars must enter on time the final parc fermé in Münich, no matter if the engine is running or not.

The following rankings will be established:


→Safety measures and disposals

NB: Cars running in Period I (1977-1981), the HANS system is mandatory. Helmets and seats valid, homologated and adapted. It’s highly recommended for others cars.
For cars from GT, GTS and GTP classes running in Period F (1962-1965) and G1 (1966-1969), roll cages authorized in hill climb and racing track are accepted.