Drifitng Porsche
Bergrennen in den Alpen, 1966
Vintage rallye car driving through the scenary Alpes
Alpenrallye, 1956
Jumping fiat in rallye car
Rallyesprung 1974
Ferrari being chased by Mercerdes
Rennen OberschleiƟheim 1961
Race car driving cutting corner
Solitude Rennen 1962

Welcome to Tour Bavaria!

Many rally enthusiasts know the marvellous layout of vintage car events with a competition and a regularity category, crossing the wonderful landscape of the organising country for a couple of days. Such race events exist in France, Italy, Britain, Mexico and in former times also in Spain. Why did this kind of rally never take place in Germany, the country of world wide recognised car factories in the past and the present, the country of legendary car races and racing tracks?
Tour Bavaria lines up to fill this gap, for the first time in 2021.
It will occur every 2 years in summer, end of June/ beginning of July. The chronometric sections will be on special stages, circuits and testing grounds of automobile affiliates.

The primary aim of Tour Bavaria is to have fun.
Gentlemen drivers are invited to move their precious classic vehicles through southern Germany with a passion you only can find in the world of vintage car culture. The layout of the roads will lead through awesome landscapes. Out of the ordinary lodgings and culinary delights will remain unforgettable in combination with an exceptional tourism through the culture of German history with its old castles and medieval towns.
We are happy and proud to have found lots of partners interested in such a new event through out our country.
Further information will be published shortly on this homepage.